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About Us

After eight years on the waiting list, we received an email from the Cubs in December 2011 telling us we were eligible to purchase season tickets for the 2012 season. 

Since then we've seen seasons with 100+ losses as well as 100+ wins, including three consecutive years in the NLCS and a World Series Championship!  As you can imagine, our extra tickets have gone from - can't give them away to very popular and we sell out quickly. 

We generally start selling tickets the December prior to the season. If you are interested in being notified when our tickets are for sale, click on the email link in the blue box on the right to let us know.

We also collect Cubs memorabilia including game used items.  I often sell Cubs items on eBay - save my seller ID to see what I have available -  ID kellster13

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Chicago Cubs Season Ticket Holder