Our 2020 ticket availability is now posted!  Please check our availability below!

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The table below shows the available ticket supply and cost for the pair of tickets.  This page is updated when there is a change in ticket availability. 

Ticket prices are generally face value with some exceptions for high demand games/dates.  The prices listed are for the pair. 

If you would like to purchase a game, simply contact us and tell us what game you are choosing and we will put those seats on reserve (pending).  We will lock in the transaction once payment is received.

Purchasing Tickets the Same Day of a Game

The deadline for same day tickets depends upon your method of pick up.  Mobile transfers have a deadline of three hours prior to the start of the game.  In person pick up will be based on a mutually agreed up time.  In person pick up for same day tickets will generally be in Oak Brook.

Rain Outs/Rain Check Policy

Once you purchase tickets, they belong to you.  Should the game be rained out, we will follow the Chicago Cubs Rain Out/Rain Check policy.  The following information is taken directly from the Cubs website.  “In the event that a game is not played, your paid ticket serves as a rain check coupon, so it is most important to keep your original ticket. Specific information regarding a rain out and rescheduling will be posted on as soon as it becomes available.”

Please see the Payment/Delivery tab for detailed information on how to pay for and receive your tickets.

Current Availability (Please use the scroll on right to see full season's availability):