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The view from our seats

Seat Location

Our seats are located in Section 212, Row 6.  This is the Terrace Box, Infield section.  The seats are over the edge of the Cubs dugout, almost in line with the pitcher’s mound.

 No Obstructions!!  

Our seats are free from obstructions, yet you will still benefit from the protection of the overhang.  What that means is if they continue to play through the rain, you won’t get wet.  The overhang does not limit your view, not even for fly balls.  There is a pillar further down the row but it does not obstruct your view either.  

Easy Access

There is a stairwell nearby that offers easy access to the main concourse where you have the largest selection of food vendors, restrooms and souvenir shopping.

You also have an easy route in and out through the new gate on the western side of the field, Gate H.  This gate is accessible from The Park at Wrigley Field.

Easy access to the seats is also available thru the main gate (Gate F) beneath the iconic red marquee at the corner of Clark and Addison or the fire station gate (Gate K) on Waveland.   

The pictures below were taken during the Season Ticket Holder Relocation Event held in November 2012.  It is the actual view from our seats.  As evident from the photos, there are no obstructions to your view. You can see the entire field except the extreme left field corner.  The protective netting seen in the first photo below has changed.  The netting now extends down the line but does not impair your view. 

A reminder about the pictures:

These were taken prior to the renovations of the ballpark.  You will not see the video boards, updated bleachers, extended home plate netting, removal of the bullpens or the new position of the dugouts.

View of Home Plate:Home Plate

View over the Cubs Dugout

Over Dugout

Toward the left field view: